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How To Take Endless Hot Showers – Tankless Water Heaters


Tankless Water Heaters are a solution to the age old problem of running out of hot water. Everyone loves a hot shower, but no one loves being the person who runs out of hot water and ends up freezing. Old styles of water heaters do their job well; but like anything technology has made great strides in the last decade. The most popular style of modern water heater is a tankless style system. They heat water on demand and can provide an almost endless amount of warm water for whatever your needs are.

What Does ‘Tankless’ Mean? water heater

You are probably familiar with the style of water heater pictured to the right. This system heats the water within the tank constantly refilling itself. Even though it is constantly refilling itself the water needs time to heat up so eventually you’ll ‘run out’. A tankless water heater take that flows through it and instantly heats it to the desired temperature. This means you don’t have to wait for the water to heat, it is as needed. A tankless water heater is capable of providing 2-5 gallons per minute of hot water. The tankless systems also benefit from added longevity and have lower energy operating costs. Essentially it can be cheaper in some situations to upgrade to a tankless system on a monthly basis than a standard water heater.

How Do Tankless Water Heaters Work?tankless water heater

A tankless water heater instantly heats the water passing through it usually with one of two methods, a gas burner or an electric heating tool. When you turn on hot water, cold water flows over where the heat is being generated and absorbs that heat. There is no process of waiting for a storage tank to fill up because as you turn on the hot water the burners begin and finish that process almost instantly.

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