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3 Tips For Homebuyers


So You’re Buying a Home?

First of all, congratulations! Owning a home is a huge step and a massive accomplishment. While there are tons of guides explaining every step of financing and picking the right neighborhood, we feel that doesn’t cover all the bases of the realities of home ownership. We don’t want you to be blindsided by the unexpected. So we have compiled three things all first time homebuyers should be aware of.

1.) Get Inspections

There has been an uptick in homebuyers waiving inspections. You want to win the bidding war and save some money, what’s the big deal? While this may seem like no biggie it is one of the biggest mistakes you could make when purchasing a home. Who is to say there isn’t any structural damage or nasty surprise? Getting someone to inspect your home before purchasing is a way to make sure your investment is worthwhile. A standard inspection will cover the basics of the structure, heating & cooling, plumbing, electrical, roofing, insulation, walls, foundation, windows, doors, etc. Asking one person to check all of these on a deep expert level basis in one day is a tall ask. We recommend a general home inspection but also consider having trade specific companies take a look as well. A trained HVAC technician there to only observe and inspect the heating & cooling is going to be able to do a very thorough job on top of the base level inspection. You deserve peace of mind on all components of your home.

2.) Realize The Hidden Costs

When buying a home a lot of people simply think as long as they can pay the mortgage and power bill they are golden. You may realize there are other costs associated with home ownership but its important to be prepared for them. Small things like property taxes, HOA fees, home insurance, and maintenance can sneak up on you. The general rule of thumb is that you can expect to pay 4% of your homes value towards upkeep every year. You are taking a huge step by purchasing a home, but a long with it comes a lot of costs associated with ownership. Expenses can also come out of no where. If you need to get rid of termites, or replace a roof those costs come back on you.

3.) Don’t Be Afraid to Walk Away

Buying a house is exciting! You have worked your tail off for a long time to save for this, so don’t be afraid to walk away from a home. There is always going to be another home up for sale, but if you rush into owning a home there’s no way to rush out. Take your time and make sure the home you are purchasing is one you can see yourself living in for a long time. Don’t get caught up in getting into a house you forget to think about liking the home. You are on your own time, there is no pressure to buy a certain house by a particular time. You are the one who has to live in the home so make sure you enjoy it.

Good Luck

Congratulations on your step towards home ownership! Don’t forget to have your home inspected, if you need HVAC experts contact us here. Stay on top of your hidden costs, and you will be more than fine. We at Baumann & DeGroot want our community to be proud of their homes, and would love to help you with your heating & cooling. If you enjoyed our 3 Tips for Homebuyers check out our blog here.

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