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How Much Will A Replacement Furnace Cost?


How much money should a furnace replacement cost?

I can’t speak for all companies in West Michigan but I do know what our costs are:

Fall 2018:

  • Average Furnace Replacement Cost: $3,443.68
  • Median Furnace Replacement Cost: $3,465
  • The Average Gas Utility Rebate received was: $505
  • The Average Electric Utility Rebate received: $117

Total average cost after rebate: $2,821.68

This average is covers multiple sizes between 40,000 & 120,000 btu furnaces.  60,000 btu is the most common size furnace and is weighted towards that.

What factors will impact my cost?

  1. Size: The bigger the furnace, the more expensive it is.
  2. Location: Municipalities have vastly different permit fees, local utility companies have differing rebate amounts, distance from our office
  3. Code requirements. We are legally responsible to bring your home up to present code.  If you have an existing 80% furnace, we will need to install new PVC venting, we need a legal drain to dispose of condensate into, and we will need to replace any aluminum or out of compliance gas pipe and valves.  Typically, the older your home/system the more items will need to be changed.

What does a typical sales call look like?

Nobody wants to have a salesman in their home longer than they have to be there.  Our sales process is quick, efficient, and non-intrusive.  We can measure up your house for a proper retrofit estimate in 10 minutes or less.  We are happy to stay longer if you have any questions, concerns, or points of emphasis you would like us to take a look at.  We then go back to our office prepare a proposal and email it to you.  There are no elaborate sales proposals at the kitchen table, no high pressure sales techniques, and no “exclusive offers that just so happen to expire the next day”  We strive to be as low pressure as possible when it comes to something stressful and not very fun.

What Brands do you sell?

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