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How a New Furnace Can Increase Your Homes Value


amana furnaceI know what you’re thinking, how in the world could spending money on a new furnace increase your homes value? Well a heating & cooling system is one of the most expensive pieces of a home, and by replacing an old system you can not only improve your homes energy efficiency but add a resale point as well. There are a few reasons a new furnace may actually be an investment, especially in an older home.

You Cut Energy Costs

If you are in an older home there is a good chance you are spending more on your heating than you should be. Older systems were not designed with modern energy efficiency in mind. The way furnaces are rated works like a school grade, only instead of an essay they are graded on how good they are at using fuel. Older furnaces may only be able to use 50-60% of the gas you’re paying for to efficiently heat your home. If you look into modern furnaces, that D-F grade has become a A-B in terms of efficiency. Instead of only using 60% of the fuel you pay for, modern systems can use 80-90% to heat your home. You can stop throwing your money out the metaphorical window and stretch your dollars further when it comes to heating.

Immediate Boost In Home Value

You will also most likely see an instant increase in your homes value with a new HVAC system. Obviously outliers exist, but on average a new furnace can boost your homes value as much as 10%. The amount of increase, or if it will increase depends on location, age & quality of your current system, and regular weather. Replacing an old system with a new high efficiency one will usually result in an increased home value.

Interested In a New System?

If you are looking to replace an old system, you can contact us for a FREE appointment today. We have been locally owned & operated in the Holland, Michigan area since 1994. We would love to use our expertise to help you not only save money on your power bill, but also increase your homes value. Call us at (616) 439-9718 or use this webpage to request an appointment.

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