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Stop WASTING Your Money on Heating…

Dirty Air Filter

I’m sure everyone wants to save money on their power bill, especially with inflation continuing to make each dollar stretch less and less. When it comes to your heating bill there are a few things you can do to make sure your monthly bill goes down. You can keep that extra money in your pocket for your family. Baumann & DeGroot knows your family comes first, so here is are tricks you can use to save on your monthly heating bills.

1.) Keep Your Filters Clean dirty filter

One of the reasons you  may see your monthly bills rising to keep your home at the same temperature is that your filters have become clogged. When this happens your heating and cooling system has to work in double time to keep the home the same temperature. A clogged filter reduces the airflow, forcing the motor to work in overtime to push the same amount of air through your house. By cleaning the filter you can seriously cut down on the energy your system needs to get your house to its requested temperature.

2.) Maintain Your Doors & Windows

One thing we often see accidentally fall to the wayside when it comes to heating and cooling maintenance is loose fitting sealings along doors and windows. If these seals become ill fitting and allow air in and out of the home it can drastically increase your heating bill. Loose fittings allow the warm air to escape outside instead of being utilized as it should to hear your home. If you can feel a breeze by your doors and windows it may be a sign to fix the sealant.

3.) Close Unused Vents

If you have a room in your home that has a vent air flows through that is not often in use, or simply does not need to be warmed like the rest of the home you can close its vent. This forces more hot air to the other outlet points in the home and can help warm the rooms that matter to you most. Be careful not to close off too many vents or you can reduce your airflow too much. This solution can be an effective way to cut down your heating bill.

4.) Set The Temperature Lower

This one may seem obvious, but by reducing your temperature by even a few degrees it can cut your costs dramatically. If you are comfortable with your home being one or two degrees lower the savings can be substantial. Your furnace will kick on less to keep the temperature stable, meaning your energy bills should reflect less time with your appliances demanding power.

These are all small things you can do in order to reduce your monthly power bill, but if you are looking for more options there is always adding a high efficiency heat pump to help with both heating and cooling. You can contact us here in order to request a free quote, or you can call (616) 439-9718 for more information.

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