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5 Signs Your Furnace May Be On Its Last Leg


furnaceNo body wants to have an expensive home repair. However some equipment will inevitably reach the end of it’s usefulness. Furnaces are no exception to this, lasting about 15 years on average. If your furnace is nearing this age then its important to know what to look for. So here are 5 signs your furnace may be on its last leg.

1.) Bills Always Go Up

Older furnaces were not designed with efficiency in mind, this means they use more fuel to heat a home the same amount. Since the cost of fuel has been on the rise you may have noticed a consistent up trend in your heating bill. An older furnaces lower efficiency means it’s forced to burn more fuel for the same effect, which costs your wallet more and more money. If your bill is always climbing, it may be about time for a new furnace.

2.) Strange Noises From Furnace

Furnaces should have a consistent airflow noise when operating. This is distinctly different than any popping, or squealing that comes with age and issues. If you are hearing your furnace sound like it is struggling to turn on it most likely is the sign of a mechanical issue. If you are hearing what sounds like a bowl of rice krispies through your home while it’s being heated, it may be time to call an expert.

3.) It Keeps Breaking Down

If your furnace is continuously needing parts replaced it may be time to admit it’s time for a new one. To use an analogy a furnace is a lot like a car, you can keep fixing a 25 yea old car with 200,000 miles on it, but eventually its more cost effective to replace it. If you find yourself spending more on repairs than a new furnace would have cost it’s a sign it may be time for a replacement. The older a furnace gets the more its parts will begin to fail. Your furnace may be on its last leg if it needs constant repairs.

4.) You Are Detecting Carbon Monoxide

Your furnace has the ability to let off a dangerous gas called Carbon Monoxide. The older a furnace becomes the more likely a leak becomes. If you or your family find yourself often dizzy, having headaches, or other flu like symptoms with no explanation it could be carbon monoxide. If you are smelling a strange gas and feeling unwell you absolutely should call a professional. Repeated exposure to concentrations of carbon monoxide can cause serious health issues.

5.) Your Burner Is Blue

The portion of your furnace that burns the gas should be a strong blue color. When your furnace burns it’s energy source it strive to keep a clean blue flame. If you are noticing your furnace burners starting to have a yellow hue it could be a sign of an issue. There can be several reasons your flame is changing color, but all of them relate back to a mechanical issue or aging parts. If you are noticing your flames burning strangely it may be time to contact an expert.

We understand it may not be an exciting idea to have to get a new furnace, but a furnace well beyond its expiration date can become a serious health issue. Thankfully it’s not all for nothing, new furnaces actually can increase your homes value. If you found any signs your furnace has in, “5 Signs Your Furnace May Be On Its Last Leg” you can schedule your FREE appointment today!

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