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You Need Clean Filters


The most important thing you can do to save money on heating in is to regularly change your furnace filter. There are several reasons why changing your filter on a consistent basis can benefit you.

1. A longer life for your HVAC unit

As dirt and debris accumulate in your filter, air has trouble passing through, and your furnace has to work increasingly hard just to function at a normal capacity. Consistently stopped-up filters can cause overheating, clogged systems, and costly repairs. In worst-case scenarios, older furnaces may completely break down and require replacement.

2. Lower energy costs

When a clogged filter is causing your furnace to work extra hard, your monthly utility bills will increase because of the extra energy that is being used. The inexpensive cost of changing your furnace filter on a regular basis is nothing compared to the money you’ll lose if you let clogged filters run your furnace down.

3. Healthier air quality

Finally, keep in mind that filters serve a purpose for your health—they keep fine particles from pet dander, pollen, bacteria, lint, and other contaminants out of the air you breathe. When a filter is clogged, it can’t do its job, and you and your family will end up breathing all of these nasty particles in. Some of these might end up lodged in your lungs. This isn’t good for anyone, but it can be serious trouble for those with compromised immune systems or with allergies or asthma.

How Often Should I Change My Furnace Filter?

The frequency at which you should change your filter will be different for every furnace, but consistency is key. Generally speaking, you’ll want to make sure you change your filter at least every 2 months when it’s the heating season. Filters that are washable need to be cleaned every few weeks and should usually be swapped out every 3-5 months. Finally, remember that in homes where there are pets, smokers, or people who suffer from asthma or allergies, more frequent changes are recommended.

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