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Quality you can afford!


“Quality you can afford!”

We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and services.   We install among others Carrier products which are a leader in the industry in terms of dependability and efficiency.  When you put a Carrier unit in your home you know that you will have the heating or cooling you expect while minimizing the amount of waste in terms of energy and money.  We have high expectations for all of our employees to provide our customers with top of the line customer service, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. We also are conscious that the economy is tough and new heating and cooling equipment is a substantial investment for any family, we work hard to keep our costs down and in return pass those savings onto the homeowner.

What Brands Should You Choose?

Too often in today’s market homeowners shop for heating and cooling equipment based solely on price thinking that all brands and companies are the same in terms of quality.  Every manufacturer experiences their share of ups and downs bringing new technology and equipment to market.  This makes comparing brands difficult when trying to pick the best in reliability.  A new furnace today may develop issues that aren’t forseen 5 years down the road.  For this reason you should make your purchasing decision based on the “WHO” not on the “WHAT”  You should know WHO makes the equipment not WHAT brand is it?  Carrier is the original company when it comes to furnaces and air conditioners dating all the way back to 1902 Carrier is the only HVAC company that has never been bought out.  This means that this company has always stood behind their products, not an umbrella company trying to warranty a part that wasn’t made by them.

Why Who Installs It Matters

Homeowners should also buy based on WHO the company is that is installing their equipment.  Will they stand behind it?  Will they keep coming back until you are satisfied with the performance of your system?  At Baumann & DeGroot the answer simply is yes.  We are human, and we don’t always get it right the first time, but we are persistent, eager to please, and willing to keep making the trip back no questions asked until we get it right.  Not by our standards, but by yours.  Rain, Sleet, Storm, or Sunshine, we will be to your house to make sure you are comfortable in your home.

Quality You Can Afford

At Baumann & DeGroot we go the extra mile to make the equipment your family depends on financially in reach for anyone.  We are a debt free company and buy equipment in bulk, this keeps overhead costs to a minimum and helps us run a very lean company.  With lower costs to run the company this allows us to keep our prices low for our customers. We offer financing options with approved credit so you can pay over time.  Just ask about our current financing plans!

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Baumann & Degroot was founded in 1994 in West Michigan.

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