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Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance


It may be hard to believe with that white blanket of snow outside, but spring’s not far off! You’ll soon be focused on cooling your home instead of heating it, and that means maintenance for your air conditioner.

Anyone who lives in West Michigan knows that air conditioning in Holland is a must. Just as winters can be frigid cold, summers can be blistering hot. Having a highly-efficient air conditioner in can save you energy, money, and a lot of sweaty days and nights. So maintaining it is a must.

Why Professional Air Conditioning Maintenance is Key

A big mistake that many homeowners make is thinking they can clean their air conditioning units themselves. The job is much more advanced than simply spraying the unit with a hose, and it should be left to qualified professionals for comprehensive cleaning of the fins and coils.

Remember, your AC unit is removing heat from your home—not bringing cool air in. It’s the fins and coils that filter out the heat, and when they’re clogged and dirty, they can’t do their job efficiently. As a result, hot air goes back inside, and your unit has to work extra hard to do even a mediocre job of cooling your home. It’s not hard to believe that AC units break down much faster this way, and monthly utility bills skyrocket. In addition to having your fins cleaned regularly, it’s also important to keep bark and mulch below the condenser coil and pad on your unit. These can clog the drainage system and hinder performance. Simple routing maintenance can keep them running efficiently for much longer.

To get the best possible efficiency out of your air conditioner, routine maintenance is crucial. The cost of professional spring maintenance for your air conditioner will be quickly returned by way of a more efficient, less costly system.

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