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Professionally Installed Hydronic Boiler Systems in West Michigan


So you want a Hydronic Boiler System?

Walk into the average West Michigan home and you’ll find a standard furnace and AC setup sending hot or cold air out through ductwork into the house. This is a proven and popular system—but there are other modern options available to the marketplace that have a lot to offer homeowners.

One of those options is Hydronic Heating.

How Does It Work?

In a Hydronic system, a powerful boiler is used to heat water, which is constantly pumped throughout the home. This water in turn heats cast iron radiators, baseboard systems, or radiant floors, allowing the material to comfortably radiate heat into the home.

Instead of warm air (convection), hydronic systems provide radiant heat, a different method of heat transfer that feels simply amazing. Because the heat isn’t coming from the air, users don’t experience the possible discomfort of air movement. Instead, you can feel it simply radiating all around your home and flooding the livable areas around the radiators. Some homeowners with radiant heat describe it as a “whole home blanket”.

Is It Right For You?

It’s generally cost-prohibitive to replace an existing furnace with a boiler system or vice versa, so in general you should only consider a hydronic system if you are planning new construction.

New construction also gives you more options. You can design your system to directly warm your floors with in-floor heating, allowing your home itself to radiate heat. Or you can invest in snow melt systems in your driveway or walking paths, or even tie in your boiler to indirectly provide heat to your everyday hot water supply.

Any Other Advantages?

Because heat is retained in livable zones, Hydronic systems are generally more efficient than furnaces and feel more comfortable during use. You’ll also enjoy cleaner air that doesn’t get as dry during the winter, as furnaces are notorious for reducing humidity to uncomfortable levels and blowing dust around the home.

Any Disadvantages?

Hydronic systems and boilers do involve a larger up-front investment, due in part to a much more involved planning and installation process. You’ll also have to choose and install a separate AC system for cool air in the summer.

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