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Everyone Needs Tankless Water Heaters


Storage tank water heaters are working hard in most West Michigan homes, but they aren’t the only option available today. New tankless water heater models are making great inroads in the market, and there are plenty of reasons to consider one if you’re building a new home or considering an upgrade.

1. Vacate the chimney – Do you have a masonry chimney taking up space in your home basement to attic?  Going to a high efficiency tankless water heater gives you the ability to quit using the chimney and knock it down for your new home improvements.

2. Better Energy Efficiency
If you use less than 40 gallons of hot water a day, federal estimates are that a tankless water heater will save you between 24% and 35% energy consumption compared to the use of a standard tank-equipped water heater. If you use twice that, over 80 gallons, tankless options can still save you 8% to 14%.

This is because the tankless units only heat water when needed, compared to storage tank water heaters which are designed to heat water constantly, whether it is needed or not. And this increased efficiency has a real effect on your gas or electricity bills.

3. Extended Service Lifespans
Tankless water heaters generally operate up to 18 years, fully 50% more than the typical lifespan of a storage tank water heater. This, along with the increased efficiency and utility savings, allows tankless water heaters to more than make up for their higher purchase and installation costs.

4. Saves Space
Tankless water heaters are extremely compact, perfect for small spaces or outbuildings. They can also open up more space in your basement or utility room after your old storage tank water heater is removed.

5. No Cold Showers
A typical tankless water heater can deliver 2-3 gallons of hot water per minute for as long as needed. While it is possible to out-consume this flow (if multiple showers and appliances are running at once), in general tankless hot water heaters are able to provide all the hot water you need, whenever you need it. That means no more cold showers if you happen to be the last family member in line and the hot water in the storage tank has been all used up.

High Quality Water Heater Options Available Now

Still not sure if a tankless hot water heater is right for you? Our team is here to help! Baumann & DeGroot offers a wide variety of water heater solutions with options including gas, electric, high efficiency, high capacity, tankless, atmospheric/power vent, and more. Our qualified team members are ready to explore your situation and help you decide on a modern, high-efficiency solution that best suits your needs.

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