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Why Is My Air Conditioner So Loud?


At Baumann and DeGroot, we’re frequently asked, “Why is my air conditioner so loud?” And we can certainly understand your frustration. A noisy air conditioner can be a concerning and not to mention irritating.

Unfortunately, a completely silent air conditioner simply does not exist. Nearly all ACs make some kind of sound. On the other hand, if you have a particularly noisy unit, it could mean something’s amiss and you need repairs. Here are the most common air conditioner sounds and the likely reasons behind them:

  • Gurgling Noise: Usually a refrigerant leak or condensation buildup in the drain line
  • Clicking Sound: An obstruction making the unit’s fan hit something on every rotation, thus the rapid clicking; or, if the unit will not start, an electrical issue could be the cause (possibly a broken capacitor, compressor, or thermostat)
  • High-Pitched “Screaming” or Squealing Sound:

– Worn out fan belt
– Misaligned fan belt
– High pressure in your compressor
– Problems with the fan motor bearings

  • Other Common Sounds/Problems:

– Buzzing: Air filter needs changing, loose outdoor fan motor, loose fan blades, refrigerant leak, bad blower, dirty condenser coil
– Humming: Loose refrigerant piping, loose parts

Can I Fix My Air Conditioner Myself?

It may be tempting to head to YouTube and get some layman tips on tinkering with your air conditioner yourself, however, it’s important to remember that home air conditioning units are not wall clocks or toasters. They are complex machines with numerous parts and connections that require the expertise of skilled HVAC specialists. And not only are the inner workings of modern AC units exceedingly complicated and technical, but it can also be extremely dangerous to open up these systems when you don’t understand the mechanisms inside. Refrigerant leaks in particular can cause serious health problems, and there’s also the risk of shock.

Finally, if you have a warranty on your air conditioner, it’s possible that it will become void if you tamper with your unit before getting it serviced by a certified specialist.

If, however, you do end up tinkering with your unit, make sure that you always turn the air conditioner off via your circuit board first.

Do I Need a New Air Conditioner?

Strange noises coming from your air conditioner can make you wonder whether you’ll need to purchase a replacement. While this can be difficult to determine without consulting with a professional HVAC company, there are certain factors you can look for yourself. Start by asking these questions:

  • How old is the unit? ACs more than 10 years old should usually be replaced.
  • Does it breakdown often? Frequent repairs can end up costing more than the cost of a new unit anyway.
  • How efficient is the unit? Check the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating. If it’s less than 13, you’re losing money on energy costs and might want a new system.
  • Does it still use R 22 Freon? The federal government is phasing out the use of Freon because of its negative environmental effects; thus, Freon prices are rising, and it may not be financially viable to continue using it.
  • Does your AC unit work well? If you aren’t feeling adequately cool in your home, this is the best indicator that you need a new system.

If you think your air conditioning unit may need replacing, contact Baumann & DeGroot at your earliest convenience. A skilled AC technician can be at your door in no time to inspect the state of your unit and give you an estimate on repairs or replacement if necessary.

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