Heat pumps are a cost-effective, efficient way to make your home more comfortable. Perfect for homes running on propane or fuel, heat pumps can take care of the majority of your heating and cooling needs when you live in a moderate climate. Using a heat pump in conjunction with your oil or gas fueled furnace in Holland is a great choice. People who live in Michigan will derive especially wonderful benefits from this duo as a Hybrid Heat® solution. Like a hybrid electric vehicle, you’ll only need to use your furnace fuel a fraction of the time, saving you money each month. For a more in-depth explanation of how heat pumps work, see our blog post on the subject.

Made for the Dog Days of Summer and Three-Dog Nights

With a heat pump, you can both heat your home in the winter and cool it when summer comes around. These units can even moonlight as humidifiers! The way a heat pump works is simple. To heat homes, the system takes heat from outside air and brings it inside. To cool homes, the system simply reverses the process.

Split-System Heat Pumps Keep You Comfortable

At Baumann & DeGroot, we offer many different kinds of heat pump configurations. The most common is what’s called a split system. This just means you’ll have components both inside and outside your home. The heat pump will be positioned outside like a central air conditioning unit, and inside, you’ll need an evaporator coil and a blower motor. These are complementary components that can often be attached to your furnace.

Likely the biggest advantage of having a heat pump is that you don’t need two separate systems to cool and heat your home. But keep in mind, you’ll also save a good deal of money as an added bonus!

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