Geothermal Heating

There is no more efficient way of heating or cooling your home than geothermal. With this technology, you can harness the constant temperature of the ground to transport heat in or out of your home. With this technology, you can harness the constant temperature of the ground to transport heat into your home during the cold months and reverse the cycle to pump that heat into the ground during the summer.

How They Work

Ground Temperature

The temperature of our planet changes from season to season, cold in the winter and hot in the summer. We all know that, but did you know the temperature of the ground remains a relatively constant 55 degrees? Thanks to advances in science we can use this to our advantage to heat and cool your home. During the summer months when the air temperature is well above 55 degrees a geothermal system will absorb warmth from the air in your home and circulate it through the cold earth removing the heat before starting the cycle over. On the flipside, in the winter we can use the warmer temperature of the ground to combat the cold winter air and add heat to your home with the same process.

Cooling geothermal cooling

The process of cooling your home with a ground source heat pump (one of the more common geothermal systems we see) begins in your home. A heat exchanger, which is just the technical term for a part in your standard air conditioning system absorbs heat from the air inside your home. It does this by using a fluid cycling through it that it colder than the outside air. The warmth from the air is absorbed into this fluid as it goes through the heat exchanger. From there that fluid is sent into a series of pipes or loops of tubing that are buried in the ground, as the fluid passes through the ground the heat it absorbed from the air inside the house is sent into the cold ground. The fluid makes its way through the loop giving off more and more heat as it does. Eventually returns to the heat exchanger cooled off and ready to absorb more heat from your home. The process continues until the desired temperature is reached.


geothermal-heatingWhen it comes to heating your home with a geothermal system it’s a very similar process. This time instead of your fluid being colder than the air at the start, the goal is to make it warmer using the grounds heat. The fluid will give off its heat energy to your homes air, warming the temperature. As it cools it will be pumped back into the piping underground, and if the ground is warmer than the fluid it will absorb the heat from its surroundings and return that to your home. There is always an amount of heat energy in an object, keeping something above freezing means there is always some type of energy, geothermal allows us to take that energy and use it to heat your home. Since the liquid used in a geothermal loop is much better at conducting heat than air it can efficiently heat your home off the ground temperature. It can be an extremely efficient way to keep your home warm by using the Earth’s own thermal energy and the scientific laws of heat.

Cost Efficiency of Geothermal Heating & Cooling

A furnace that is rated at 96% means for every $1 of natural gas you put into it, 96 cents is returned as heat in your home.

A geothermal unit is a multiplier, meaning for every $1 of energy you put in you get over $3.50 back in usable heat!

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