Explore the comfort, efficiency and longevity of our line of boilers. The versatility of a hot water system is unmatched in the industry. Capable of providing domestic hot water, snow melt, and indoor heat, boilers are the core of a versatile hydronic system.

West Michigan Boiler Installation Experts

When dealing with complex hydronic systems, experience is everything.  Versatile do everything systems don’t mean anything if they don’t function.  Trust the expertise and experience at Baumann & DeGroot.  We have some of the most educated, knowledgeable, and respected designers and technicians in Michigan. We are familiar and comfortable designing and installing everything from a 30 zone multi-temperature full automated hydronic system to a standard hot water heat system in a home.

Get a Free Boiler Estimate for Your Home

Baumann & DeGroot offers free estimates. Whether you are looking for an in-home estimate at your home to replace your existing boiler or are looking to do a full radiant system in your new home we will give you an honest evaluation of what your best course of action is based on your goals and budget.

Need Boiler Repair Service?

You can trust the expertise of Baumann & DeGroot’s boiler repair technicians to get your hydronic system running smoothly again. Contact us to schedule your service call. Emergency service is available.


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