Baumann & DeGroot has always been blessed by this community.  We are blessed that we have been able to stay healthy during the COVID-19 outbreak.  We were blessed that we have been able to keep our lights on and able to scratch out a living over the last 5 weeks. We now want to pay it forward and be a blessing.  Let’s jump start this recovery and get our community back working, supported, and flourishing soon!

From now until June 1st Baumann & DeGroot will match any local gift card/certificate that is purchased at a local business up to $25.  We want to support our local businesses and make your money go a little further.  We are going to give you and your chosen business a shout out on our facebook page everyday.

We are trying to make it simple.  Please fill out the form and we will get you a matching gift certificate up to $25. (up to the first 250 requests)

Update as of  04-27-20: We have received all of our 250 gift card match requests so far.   We don’t have the funds available to go beyond 250 Unfortunately.

There is a very good chance that if you submit a match request going forward we will not have the funds to match you.  We are getting some money back into our account from Amana as we purchase more of their equipment.  We will likely run this again soon once that account fills up.  So anyone who hasn’t gotten a card yet will be the first to get one once we get going again.

Thank you so much for all of the support for the local small businesses when it is needed most.  Just because we can’t keep going doesn’t mean the community has to stop putting money into these local businesses.  We are going to be so much worse off if these businesses don’t open back up once the shelter in place is lifted.  Stay the course!

Amana has now partnered with us to give this an extra boost!  For every Amana furnace or A/C that we install Amana will contribute another $25 to this matching pool.

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