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Is Your AC Unit Freezing?

Frozen Air Conditioner

If your AC unit is freezing up this summer (it’s counter-intuitive, but over-freezing is what can happen when it’s hot outside!), there are a few remedies you can try (before you call the pros).

Check the Air Vents

If you have been doing some furniture rearranging since last summer, double-check to make sure none of your registers are blocked or covered up. If furniture, boxes, or other large items are hanging out in front of these vents, or even if too many are closed, it will create a lack of airflow throughout your home. This can potentially cause your air conditioner to go into overdrive and freeze up.

Check the Evaporator Coils* frozen air conditioning unit

*We don’t recommend doing this yourself, but if you’re feeling ambitious here are a few pointers.

When you were checking your vents did you notice any warm air coming out? It might be time to check out your evaporator coils. Before you start, turn off your entire air conditioning system. Access the coils by removing the panel on the front of the evaporator coil box. Remove the screws that are holding the panel in place, and carefully look at your coils. If you see that any of them are frozen over, give the unit time to thaw. Do not turn the system back on until all of the moisture has evaporated. If needed, use a towel to gently eliminate standing water in the unit. Likewise, if your coils are dirty, use a gentle brush or towel to clear the dust.

Replace the Air Filters

Your AC unit needs a steady flow of air to keep those coils we talked about above from accumulating frost. If there is a clog or lack of air, the coils will begin to freeze. Make sure to keep your air filters clean and replace them multiple times per year. It is recommended that you replace fiberglass filters up to once a month during the summer months depending on the size of your home and the weather outdoors. If you go long enough without changing your filters they can become so clogged your machine will start pulling particulates through and spreading them throughout your home.

Call Baumann & DeGroot (616-396-HEAT)

Finally, if at any point you feel like you are in over your head or nothing is working, don’t be afraid to give our team a call. Our heating and cooling technicians will do an overall system check, look out for refrigerant leaks, check your refrigerant supply, and let you know your best next steps. We at Baumann & DeGroot are here for you and your family. We’ll even show you a thing or two while we’re there if you want to learn. Feel free to check out our blog, or Facebook page for more information. You can also check out this article helps bust the Myth That Ceiling Fans Help Cool a Room.

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