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My Furnace Is So Expensive


Did you receive your gas bill this month and have some heart palpitations? Don’t worry; we’ve all been there! Running your furnace during the winter and spring months can get a little expensive, but we have a couple tips that could put some of your hard earned dollars back in your pocket.

Give your vents a good cleaning and move some furniture around.

Everything works better when its free from dust and is unobstructed. Your furnace is no exception! Go around your house and check out the locations of your vents. Is there a couch sitting on top or in front of one of them? Consider the feng shui of your place and move it to a new location. Next, give those vents a good cleaning. Turn off your heat, remove the vent covers, and use the long extension on your vacuum to clean out the opening.

Change the filter.

When we the last time you changed the air filter on your furnace? If you can’t remember, it’s probably time to do so. Air filters should be changed out approximately every three months to ensure maximum efficiency. Need help remembering to do it? Set a reminder in your phone!

Change the way you set your thermostat.

Did you know that the U.S. Department of Energy recommends setting your thermostat for 7 to 10 degrees colder than your average temperature while your sleep? If you have a programmable thermostat, it’s easy to make this happen and you’ll most likely save 10% off your energy bill each year by doing so!

Get a furnace tune-up.

Sometimes your furnace just needs a little extra TLC. We’re here to help! Baumann & DeGroot is committed to keeping your heating system running through worry-free routine maintenance and responsive repair service. Our skilled furnace technicians have years of experience with a wide range of systems – we can get your furnace running smoothly again in no time!

It might be time to think about a new furnace.

It’s not you, it’s your furnace. Old furnaces only range in efficiency from 65-75%, while modern ones achieve up to 97% efficiency. Not sure what you’re looking for, we’re happy to educate you! Baumann & DeGroot’s free in house estimates can be done in as little as 10 minutes. Our knowledgeable experts are available to answer any questions that you have, they will also ask questions about the strengths and weaknesses of your current system and offer suggestions to improve your energy efficiency or comfort. We will offer you a comprehensive quote that is informative and has many options for you to consider. We are readily available to help clarify, educate, and guide you to a decision on your time and at your pace.

If your furnace isn’t functioning as it should or you’re considering upgrading your system to something more energy efficient, give Baumann & Degroot a call at (616) 439-9718. We’re happy to help! You can check out our blog here for more information as well.

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