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5 Reasons To Get A Smart Thermostat

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One of the best ways to slash your monthly heating and cooling costs is by using a smart thermostat, a modern solution designed to give homeowners easy and precise control over their home’s temperature at any given time during the week.

Chances are you’ve probably heard of smart thermostats before. But, should you really switch? And why?

Reason #1: Instant Access from Anywhere

Like older thermostats, smart thermostats control the temperature in the home, kicking on heating or cooling systems to maintain a set temperature range. But unlike other thermostats, you don’t need to be in front of the actual device or even in the house when using it.

Wi-Fi thermostats tie into your home network and can be accessed from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. With just a few swipes, you can remotely switch on your heating or cooling if you’re heading home unexpectedly, or shut it down if you’re out of town and forgot to set up a new program before you left.

Reason #2: Automatic Tuning

Older programmable thermostats make it easy to set a strict heating and cooling schedule. But that schedule needs to be adjusted regularly to account for changing seasons and routines, and few homeowners really keep on top of it.

Smart thermostats solve this problem by “learning”. They automatically record and track the adjustments you and your family make throughout the day, the week, and the year. Over time, the thermostat takes these changes into account as it self-programs to keep you more comfortable with fewer manual adjustments.

Reason #3: Reporting and Alerts

Smart thermostats provide warnings that you can program yourself. These can monitor everything from regular energy use to severe temperature drops that could signal a system failure and potential plumbing damage in the winter.

Reason #4: Cost Savings

Because smart thermostats are built with user experience and convenience in mind, they are absolutely easier to use, which allows homeowners to better keep their home at a comfortable temperature even while fine-tuning furnace and AC activity to reduce utility expenses.

The long-term difference and energy savings are so great that the U.S. Department of Energy actually recommends smart thermostats for all homeowners!

Reason #5: Easy Installation

Not all furnaces are compatible with smart thermostats, and there are a huge number of options on the market to choose from. That’s why Baumann & Degroot Heating and Cooling is proud to offer an outstanding selection of smart thermostats paired with easy and painless installation services. We’ll make sure your system is set up right so you can enjoy a comfortable home and meaningful energy and cost savings as soon as possible.

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