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Do You Really Need Your Furnace Inspected Annually?


It always makes sense to think critically about your expenses and cut costs where you can. But what about yearly furnace inspections or tune-ups? Do you really need an annual inspection and why?

Keeping Up with Wear and Tear

If your car started to run poorly, you’d notice immediately and you would deal with it. But, unlike a car, furnaces run quietly in the background of your home, and are too often forgotten and neglected. And furnaces do experience constant wear and tear just like any other form of mechanical equipment. They absorb vast amounts of dust, develop leaks, or experience blockages that all dramatically reduce the system’s lifespan if not addressed.

An annual inspection ensures that sure your system is cleaned out and all components are functioning normally, rather than struggling along and wearing down due to minor, easily-corrected issues.

Furnace Faults can be Dangerous

Neglected furnaces cause death, injury, and extensive property damage each year—situations that could almost always have been avoided with simple system tune-ups.

The two most important checks from a safety perspective involve a combustion analysis of the unit (which will let you know if it is leaking carbon monoxide, a poisonous and extremely dangerous gas), and an evaluation of your safety switches to ensure the furnace will not overheat and cause a house fire. Having your furnace inspected can help prevent this.

Preventable Furnace Damage is Expensive

Small problems lead to big failures, and a scheduled maintenance appointment and minor follow-up repairs will always be less expensive than an after-hours emergency call when the system breaks down entirely. You’ll also be saving money on unit efficiency, as a clean furnace in good repair will run more efficiently, using less energy and lowering your utility costs.

You should also consider your warranty coverage. All furnace manufacturers recommend annual maintenance be provided by trained and qualified furnace technicians, and damage resulting from neglected routine maintenance may not be covered by your unit’s warranty. Simply having your furnace inspected can go a long way to save you money.

Not all Service Packages are the Same

It’s important to know that not all furnace service calls are the same, and there can be a big difference between inspections or tune-ups provided by different furnace companies at different price points. Many of the cheapest service visits involve virtually no hands-on work at all; just simple inspections geared towards drumming up additional work which the homeowner pays extra for.

Great Service at an Even Greater Price

At Baumann & Degroot our team stands by our promise to provide Quality That You Can Afford. Our furnace inspections are highly professional and include everything you need to rest easy, knowing that your unit is safe and ready to go.Not only are we inspecting, but we are cleaning and adjusting to make sure everything is in peak condition.If there are suspect parts that are weak we will bring them up to you for approval to replace. Check our specials page for valuable discounts and give us a call today to schedule your annual furnace inspection!

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