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Does Covering My Air Conditioner Do Anything?


There is a lot of talk in this industry about wether or not you should cover your air conditioner in the winter? And while there is a lot of talk, its it necessary? Does covering your air conditioner even do anything?

It is not necessary to cover your A/C unit, because they are designed to withstand the elements: winter snow and wind, fall rain and sleet, and summer heat. Covering your A/C unit will prevent some fading, but snow and rain don’t affect the internal components. Your unit should last about 15–18 years, which is much less time than it would take for any external part to break.

Protecting your unit from leaves and pine needles is more important than rain or snow. If your unit is under a needle-shedding pine tree or a small-leaf deciduous tree, it isn’t a bad idea to throw a board or other flat surface over the grill so the unit doesn’t fill up with leaves and needles.

If you do decide to cover your unit, make sure it is a breathable material such as canvas. Tarps and other waterproof materials will trap moisture underneath them and cause much more damage than any amount of snow, ice, or leaves. Making sure your system has the ability to function correctly should be the number one priority.

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